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"I wanted to send an email thanking you for your sincere caring. The few moments in your waiting room was a breath of fresh air for me. It gave me hope in this new world we live in. Most every Medical place I attend is arrogantly flaunting, no care what so ever. It’s kinda like a “sit down and shut up kinda attitude”. Their primary existence is to simply bill money, no care what so ever! I see it everywhere I go. It’s what I always understood Obama Care to be. It’s not gone, it’s still here. They just receded the law to reach into your bank account and take money. The caring attitude is still mostly absent. Recently, I got up and walked out of another medical office. Two nurses were arguing over who got the commission on the previous patient. I couldn’t believe the language, sounded more like two Navy sailor’s. I appreciate all of you. Most every member of your staff should be commended for their attention you guy’s give to your patients. Hat’s off to you! Please, keep up the good work. And spread this thank you message to your co-workers. A girl named Lynn, a petite blonde (maybe a nurse), whom I don’t know her name, but was very helpful and caring to me. Beth your Anesthesiologists, and of course Dr.Edmunds are the one’s I had contact with, I’ve copied this to him. I remember their kindness, and professionalism.

Your attitudes will pay off. It always does. You guy’s should be proud of the team you are part of.

You guy’s are so Great! I hope this puts a smile on your face today. I have enjoyed writing this, and look forward to my next visit. "

- Kenny C.

"Dr. Edmunds has always been good to me. He will shoot you straight and takes time to get to know you. He is the best GI I've ever been to."

- Jerremy S

"Great Dr. Very easy to talk with and very professional has taken care of me for several years in the office and the hospital. Highly recommend him as a GI Doctor."

- Craig M.

Great guy. Very personable. Friendly staff.

- Tami M.

I have been a patient of Dr. Edmunds for several years. He has ALWAYS been an excellent doctor; he explains things thoroughly, I have never had to wait long to see him and the staff has always been very professional. I have complete trust in him. He even puts up with my weird sense of humor and the fact that anesthesia seems to lead me to think that everyone will like my singing voice and enjoy the song "I love a parade" when I am taken into the operating room. I would recommend him to anyone

- Cecil Ray P.


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