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GI Genius™


Edmunds Gastroenterology now offers patients receiving a colonoscopy an enhanced screening with the GI Genius™ Intelligent Endoscopy Module. Our experienced team of professionals perform cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted colorectoal screening using the GI Genius™ module, the first and only AI system available in the U.S. to assist in polyp detection during colonoscopy.

How it works

A green rectangle automatically appears when the AI detects a potential polyp

Sensitivity rate99.7%
Faster polyp recognition82%
False activations<1%

The GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy technology automatically detects colorectal polyps regardless of shape, size, and morphology.

This technology has a 99.7% sensitivity rate and less than 1% false activations. It also performs real-time analysis 82% faster than an endoscopist.

GI Genius™ harnesses deep learning algorithms and real-time data to detect colorectal polyps through enhanced visualization.

Graph representing a 14% projected increase in adenoma detection rate compared to national standard and trained endoscopist
Watch a comparison as the GI Genius™ module employs AI to help physicians detect polyps and other colrectal abnormalities with added confidence.